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I was born one sunny spring morning in the city of Belgrade, Serbia. That might be a reason why I feel endless happiness with every new creative idea and work.

Since my childhood, I was attracted to the Art of painting and the Applied arts. However, life took me on a different path as I graduated at The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of Belgrade. Straight after graduating, I began working as an engineer. In 2000 I decided to commit myself full time to my passion for art, as I realized that life is too short to be spent on doing something that isn't making my soul joyful. At the end of 2005, I opened my own art studio and since then my paintings have been awarded and displayed at several exhibitions.

My desire to understand the purpose of our being has brought me to the study of Astrology, and the work healing energies. Now I can say with certainty that life is magic created by our thoughts.

I chose silk as my canvas for the reason of its eternal beauty and elegance as well as a great challenge to paint on. Every painting is unique in colour and texture and it's impossible for two paintings to be identical especially if the aquarelle or salt technique is used. Any mistake made while painting is impossible to correct, even with a new layer of colour. Before I paint, the silk has to be stretched to the horizontal frames. This creates limitations to the size of the painting.

Silk is always moving and breathing and I, as an artist, can tune into a rhythm and transfer my feelings and emotions through the divine colour. The outcome of every horse, pegasus, unicorn, fairy or landscape I paint is always unpredictable until the picture is complete. This endless party and curiosity with no hint of monotony stimulates my childhood joy each time I paint on silk. Using Swarovski crystals on the painting adds a further dimension of magic, beauty and emphasis to certain details.

Despite the advancements of technology by which my work can be presented, its not possible to experience the atmosphere of the painting. You have to witness in person to absorb the vibrant energy of the colours and essential beauty of silk paintings. I hope that being able to see my work for yourself will allow you to feel how much I enjoyed making this fairytale.

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